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26.04.18 - 
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Last week I made two visits to the newly re-opened Kettle’s Yard. First, a preview for members of the Friends of Kettle’s Yard. Second, a re-launch party for a mixture of employees, supporters, curators, artists, journalists, etc. While oversimplifying, the difference between the two groups and events offered an allegory for the polar demands of a diverse gallery audience. Innovation vs Tradition? Inclusive vs Exclusive? Read More >

Posted: February 16th, 2018
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Life, Belief and Beyond at Modern Art Oxford includes examples of Rose Finn-Kelcey’s performance work from the 1970’s and 80’s, through her transition to objects and installations in the 1990’s until 2000. Finn-Kelcey routinely reinvented and developed her work, often reimagining projects with the latest technologies. Read More >

Posted: October 11th, 2017
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Our first visit to the Turner Contemporary gallery with exhibits by Phyllida Barlow, Michael Armitage and Jyll Bradley. North facing Margate is a bit disorientating as it looks back towards the Isle of Sheppey and the Essex coastline beyond. If you look out to sea you’re facing Norway, France is behind you. Read More >

Posted: September 8th, 2017
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Untitled: Stacked Chairs – Phyllida Barlow

Sculpture in the Close 2017 – the 15th exhibition of contemporary artworks held in the grounds of Jesus College Cambridge. Work by 9 artists including Phyllida Barlow, Mona Hatoum, Louise Bourgeois, Rachel Whiteread, Cornelia Parker and Alison Wilding. Read More >

Posted: July 1st, 2017
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CALIFORNIA: Designing Freedom at the Design Museum looks at the origins of the technical and social innovations emanating from the sunshine state. The unlikely influences of the LSD fuelled counterculture of the 60’s, surf/board/skate/ride culture and biker gangs fed the DIY tech start-up phenomenon of the 1970’s which continue to this day. Read More >

Posted: June 29th, 2017
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It’s 8 years since I last visited Henry Moore’s house and gardens at Perry Green. That was a grey day in early April. Today was like Summer and seemed much later in the year. Read More >

Posted: April 23rd, 2017
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An afternoon at Tate Modern originally to see the Robert Rauschenberg and Wolfgang Tillmans shows but as it turned out much more excited by the dance, sound performances and installations in the tanks. The Robert Rauschenberg show was disappointing with a very narrow exhibition concept or wider story, a simple walk through of his work. Read More >

Posted: March 29th, 2017
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Following a relocation from Shad Thames to High Street Kensington, the Design Museum re-opened in November. A vast space with greatly expanded facilities and potential. Fear & Love is a collection of provocative installations by architects and designers, reacting to complex global issues including how we live, the role of technology, and modern society. Read More >

Posted: December 12th, 2016
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Gee Vaucher’s work has found an immediately enthusiastic and receptive audience since her INTROSPECTIVE show opened at Firstsite in Colchester last week. With prescient “life imitates art” synchronicity, as the US voted Donald Trump to the presidency, Vaucher’s 1989 painting “Oh America”, a head-in-hands Statue of Liberty, inevitably and consequently found its way to the Daily Mirror front page. Read More >

Posted: November 16th, 2016
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Second visit to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield for their new sculpture prize – Phyllida Barlow, Steven Claydon, Helen Marten and David Medalla. Also 2016 Turner Prize nominee Anthea Hamilton’s “Kettle’s Yard at The Hepworth Wakefield”. Read More >

Posted: October 27th, 2016
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