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24.04.18 - 

Channel Four:


Working directly with the Marketing Dept at Channel Four Television, we designed a magazine advertising campaign to promote the launch of Will & Grace. The show was new to UK audiences. Our brief was to create a story around a series of US comedies, capitalising on the popularity of the well established Ally McBeal and Friends shows. The campaign ran in titles including Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, Red, Heat, Hello and OK magazine.

channel4_barndoor3 An 8pp barndoor insert was followed by a single page design for each show. We decided on a simple story, setting the scene with night shots of New York city, before arriving at three buildings, each representing one of the shows. Promotional shots were dropped into the window spaces, creating a voyeuristic taster for each show. The treatment is the same for each programme, implying that if you like Friends, or Ally McBeal, then you’ll like Will & Grace too.

As the TV launch dates drew closer, single page adverts completed the progression from aerial shots of New York to bring the viewer right outside an individual show/window. Apropos provided a full design and production service. We created the design concept, copywrote the campaign and created the artwork. New York photography was sourced from Corbis and Magnum libraries. We also shot the window images used on single page adverts.



Posted: May 9th, 2014
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