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24.04.18 - 

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#Found is the latest Apropos studio research project:
“A collection of lost and discarded objects gathered from towns, villages, streets, footpaths, fields and beaches, up and down the country during 2012-13.” The items were used to build a wheel-like object which in turn was photographed by Richard Legge on a large format 5×4 film camera. The films were scanned at high-resolution to retain maximum detail. The resulting image was made into a poster measuring 69 x 100 cm. The reverse is an essay on the process and all text printed in gold ink.

#Found posters and the original object will be on display at our open studio weekends – July 13/14 and 27/28, or can be purchased at Apropos-Shop. For more information on the #Found project visit our Blog The Making of #Found.

#Found is an ongoing project with further items planned.
Below is a necklace made from smaller items – lost jewellery, beads, buttons, paper clips, keys, hair slides and bands, Christmas tree decorations, dog tags, clay pipes, skull, wire etc.


Individual #Found objects were recorded in a series of self-addressed postcards, using the ByPost ap.

Posted: July 11th, 2013
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