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Blam of Print-Process invited 101 designers to render “Bowie” in a font of their own choosing, be it a ready-made or custom design. The results have been gathered on a poster to commemorate the forthcoming David Bowie is show at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The design is screen printed in matt white ink onto a rainbow holographic stock. Contributors include Ian Anderson, Jonathan Barnbrook, Anthony Burrill, Angus Hyland, Michael C Place, Planning Unit, Tony Brook and Trevor Jackson.

My contribution comes from a story Brian Eno told during one of his lectures at the RCA.
While working on Lodger and the “Boys Keep Swinging” track, Bowie wanted to get a rougher garage sound, so he asked the band to swap instruments. Guitarist Carlos Alomar played drums and the drummer Dennis Davis played bass. The final results had a post-punk feel.

so I made the E into a W
the W into an E
B is made from the I and cut-up O
and the I and O characters are made from the letter B

The poster is now available from the V&A shop.
Follow Twitter hashtag #DavidBowieis for updates on the show.

Design press articles in Creative Review, Cool Hunting, Wallpaper*, Fast Company

Posted: February 25th, 2013
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