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24.04.18 - 

Design, Research &
Communication Studio:


Concept development project with Reebok for their men’s toning footwear range. Working with the Amsterdam marketing office to develop a campaign which explains the bosu-ball inspired pod technology of Reebok’s RunTone and TrainTone shoes to a male audience. The concept was applied to posters, vinyl graphics, countertop leaflet dispensers, and promotional items.

We designed a core information graphic, showing the movement of air from one pod to another, plus bold typography to illustrate improved fitness and strength.

RunTone and TrainTone moving-air pod information graphics.

Standard poster and locker-door poster formats.

Spinning ceiling hanger.

Counter top leaflet dispenser.

Transparent rubber bosu-ball shoe display and leaflet dispenser.


Gym towels and “magic” expanding flannels.

Branded drink dispenser cups and coffee holder, stress balls, gym card holder and lanyard…

Large format window and mirror “footprint” vinyls, fridge magnets and stickers.

Posted: March 23rd, 2011
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